RIB Domain Expertise
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NewBell is a fine blend of enterprise requirements, highly flexible set of features and work flows. It combines the interaction with all user types across an educational insitution. NewBell is built on a highly adaptive and scalable platform, that can be customized to the specific institutional requirements. Use NewBell to

  • Candidate Admission management
  • Student management
  • Inventory management
  • Employee and payroll management
  • Academics
  • Reporting..& LOTS MORE
NewBell can be customized to suite specific institutional processes. NewBell is independent of your work flow, and is a robust platform, with fundamental sets of features. However, It is built to be tuned to your current processes and future process changes.

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Content Publishing

RIB has been working on content pubishing projects, with extensive expertise in Content management tools and media streaming technologies.

News publishing companies are quickly migrating to the web and social media, thus creating virtual online channels, to serve the latest news arround the globe.

We have adopted cutting edge tools to deliver

  • Dynamic content delivery
  • Plugin based analytics and enhanced features
  • Live and deferred audio/video streaming services
  • Web analytics
  • Social Media integrations

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Classifieds Portals

RIB over the years have developed an integrated platform for creating portals for classifeds business. This platform has been used to customize and host application for businesses, on a war footing, with minimum change over time.

The features that can be developed are as follows

  • Custom fields
  • Category and dynamic sub-category management
  • Ad attributes management
  • Extensive location, category and attributes based search
  • Google maps integration
  • Administration module with user management and graphical analytical data
The most important point we offer is the flexibility to customize the platform, to combine the unique environment and business processes of your company.

RIB Mobile Apps
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This Mobile app was developed for a company based in Kerala, that gives updated information to consumers, on the latest offers in branded shops in the city.

The app tracks the location of the device and lists the offers available in shops that are closest to the consumer. The list is hierarchically displayed based on clothing category and brands. Each offer display contains the shopname, Cost, Offer amount, distance to the shop

The app generates a coupen number for each offer, which is referred at the particular shop, to avail the special offer .

The app has also special features like rating of shops and shop promotions.



Raj Careers is a leading recruiting company in the Middle-East. RIB developed this mobile App for the company, to offer job hunting support to their registerred candidates

The app is closely linked to the company's main web application,also developed by RIB, and hence is specially designed to recognize the regsiterred candidates of the company. The Candidates can avail services like periodical job alerts, apply for a job, update profile etc.

The app is also responsible for receiving candidate feedback on the company's services .

petrol pump


FuelAxis is a new concept of tracking and rating petro pumps. Metro city commuters have always faced the issue of having to fill fuel from sub-standard pumps, and not being able to have other choices.

This app is a guide to people to find out the best rated pumps, at the shortest distance. The app shows the Map display of the pump, with the best route to reach the same.

People can also judge the pump service and give a rating to the punmp, that would take affect on the overall rating of the pump, thus virtually taking some steps, to enforce service standards