RIB Advantage

RIB's combined knowledge base in Legacy languages and systems, as well as the latest application languages and frameworks, have empowered us in the past, to execute critical migration processes. We have researched intensively on legacy code parsing and transformational techniques and have developed a suite of template tool base, that can be used as a starting point in legacy code analysis of any magnitude.

Service Range
We offer one of the widest ranges of software modernization options available anywhere, starting from full platform migration, through partial modernization solutions and modernization without any migration, down to the modernization of your Excel sheets. Processes, Tools and Standards: We offer fully automated modernization for the highest accuracy, maximum retention of legacy goodness, zero bugs and low cost. We have human intervention in the process but only for architecture revision, since one cannot “automatically” transform a 1-tier or 2-tier application into the modern "n-tier” framework. So you get the best of both worlds: automation and human discretion.

We use only open standards from OMG. MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and ADM (Architecture Driven Modernization)is what do implement. Well understood open standards – no secret or proprietary methodology.

We offer end-to-end service based on our tool-set. We do not just hand you a tool. So you get the best of both worlds: tool for automation, and service for turnkey solution

Flexible Collaborative Models
Business processes and rules are ever changing, and hence the same with the technology requirement aspect of it. This we are addressing by offering quite a flexible model to collaborate with us, which is best suited for the clients.

Complete- In this model we take the complete responsibility of the entire system development life cycle(SDLC), from the concept to the production environment and post production support. This helps the customers to focus completely on user acceptance testing(UAT).

Modular - This is very usefully when customers are in need of RibLabs during a particular phase of an on-going project – Ex database migration, Automated Code documentation of a legacy system, Testing etc.

Teaming - In this model RibLabs has a virtual existence. More or less it is a part of the customer team. Rib acts as an extension of the customer team, working in harmony, sharing resources and knowledge.

Flexible Pricing Model
With the above mentioned modus-operandi, it is obvious for RibLabs to have a flexible pricing model, purely based on the input. With our tool based approach, the over all development time is reduced, thus reducing the overall cost for the customers. Customers usually have a considerably high and multidimensional investment on human resources, software and infrastructure, in building an application. This is can be completely replaced by a single parameter investment, by teaming up with RibLabsWe can price our projects on: (a) Fixed Cost; (b) Per line-of-code; (c) Mixture of Fixed Cost (for transformation) and Time-&-Material (for enhancements).