RIB Team

Jakob Jenkov
Business & Technology Mentor

An entrepreneur, author and software developer focused on efficiency - analyzing and conveying ideas of efficiency across various domains is what drives him. He wants to make people efficient, to write books and articles that teaches efficiently, and to be as efficient as possible in the process.

With a bachelors in computer science from RUC, and a masters in IT from ITU. Jakob has worked with internet technologies since 1998, and with Java since 1999. The majority of his time from 2000 to 2011 was spent as a freelance Java developer for bigger organizations (IBM, CSC, Nordea, SDC etc.).

Since 2008, he focusses on the concept of efficiency, both in software development and other areas like entrepreneurship, marketing, personal productivity etc. From 2012, his main area has been efficieny of the projects, he is engaged in. Having a systematic, analytical and logical background from software development is a good base for analyzing efficiency.

Jakob is also board member of Dam Communications, an online media company.

John White

John White
Business & Technology Mentor

With an illustrious career in the Industry, spanning over 30 programming languages and numerous highly critical projects, in a variety of domains, John is undoubtedly the right person to set the mission and path for RIB. His stint as a developer started with assembly language and ranges to GWT and Scala.

John attended UMN and Harvard and had his longest job assignment with State Street bank, where he enhanced and transformed the technology stack to a whole new level, which proved extremely supportive to the growth of the bank. He has also guided many start-ups, both as a Business and Technology mentor.

John, having many other consulting assignments, externally supports RIB, in taking business and technical decisions. He constantly advocates about identifying the big problems as early as possible and setting quality as the top priority.

Mohammed Jishad

Mohammed Jishad
Founder, Business Head

Jishad manages RIB's operations in the middle east. Although he started of as a developer, later he realized that he is more comfortable learning, analyzing the market.

With a Masters in Computer Application, Jishad started his career on a project, which grew into one of the best Construction based ERP. He later moved to the middle-east and worked with many prestigious companies in the Oil and government sector, like Damac Properties, Sharja Transport, Dubai RTA, Dubai Petroleum, to name a few.

As Business Head, Jishad is responsible to strategize the growth plan of RIB.


Founder, Project Delivery Head

Naveen works arround a project, contributing to every aspect of it. He has experience working extensively on various migration projects , in different roles, ranging from customer interaction, tool design, debugging, Data modelling and project estimation and planning.

With a Masters in Computer Application, Naveen worked for ADA, where he was one of the main developer for the company's flagship product- Legacy Code Anayst Workbench. Subsequently, he was a member of the core team, that handled various partial and complete migration projects, including ERPs

Naveen is responsibe for defining the Technology and delivery processes and actively participates in building and motivating teams.